To apply for the extended warranty the end-user has to register his or her product including serial number and some purchase information on the Meditech website


1. Service Policy

Meditech and its distributors have to ensure that the quality of products and services delivered to end-users are of the highest quality. To achieve this objective, Meditech has established a technical team to provide support to distributors, and many distributor service teams to provide maintenance and service to end-users.

2. Return Policy ( for repair )

Any spare part needs to be returned to Meditech, the following procedures should be carried out:
Receive the return authorization. 
Please kindly fill out the Service Claim Form, and provide the detailed information, such as SN of the main unit and probe, software version, an efficient description of the reason for return, the correspondence.
Charge policy

① Within warranty (non-manufacturing reason excluded): The customer is responsible for freight & insurance charges when the spare part is shipped to Meditech for service (custom charges included). Meditech is responsible for the freight & insurance charges from Meditech to the customer;

② Out of warranty: The customer is responsible for all the freights & insurance charge for returned spare part.
 ***** Meditech NOT responsible for any product back without claim mail to  the contact person(of meditech team)  ,

SO please before send your broken items,Kindly  contact us. otherwise the sender responsible for all expencise &lose

3. Training Center

Training and skills development have become essential ingredients in ensuring the efficiency of service staff. 
Training programmes, together with hands-on practice and field experience, produce better knowledge of supporting Meditech products. As a result, our service engineers know how to keep your devices operating at peak performance.