• We are pleased to launch our ne
    Spiro-P Pocket Spirometer with PC Spirometry reports. The SpirOx p is quick and easy to use as part of a routine physical examination. it comes with the SpirOx P Reports PC software for creating PDFs that can be viewed, archived, transmitte
  • C-Scan is a handheld, pocket-si
    C-Scan is a handheld, pocket-sized ultrasound tool that provides real-time grayscale anatomic and color Doppler blood flow images with touch screen
  • New AED
    Meditech Developing new automated external defibrillator Def5s with Programmable energy :30,30,50 Joules; 50,50,75 Joules ; 120,120,150 Joules; 150, 150, 200Joules.